Margaritaville Effect Starting to Transform Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach Bandshell

I spent last Friday night on the beautiful Hollywood Beach, taking in the sights and the beautiful spring South Florida weather. As we strolled down the broadwalk and came to the bandshell on Johnson St. we immediately noticed the flurry of tourists and locals enjoying the music from the stage. A reggae band was playing some classic Bob Marley along with the typical Jimmy Buffet classics (Margaritaville with a reggae flair). Everyone was having a great time.

Something else that caught my eye was how clean and new everything looked around the general area, even a few blocks away. As we walked into Johnson St. I saw that Rocco’s Pizza had remodeled and expanded their outdoor seating. I used to like to ride my bike in the day and sit at one of 3 outdoor picnic table and get a single slice of pizza. Now they have about 20 tables outside with servers.

The Dahan Food Market and Rocco’s Pizza sit right across from Margaritaville on Johnson Street. The building got a $200,000 makeover to coincide with the opening of Margaritaville – but only after Hollywood’s redevelopment agency agreed to kick in half the cost.

As I walked back, the the sun had set and I could see into some of the restaurants. One that caught my eye was the Broadwalk Restaurant & Grill. The interior looked sheik and upscale for, what I thought, was a typical beach pizza joint. Danielle Thomas, co-owner of the Broadwalk Restaurant & Grill, spent $200,000 renovating the interior, replacing concrete with marble, wood and brick. The renovations were finished just days after Margaritaville’s grand opening. And now they are getting ready to extend the restaurant and expand onto an empty lot next door.

Many other properties and business along the beach are renovating to take advantage of the new guests coming to the resort and to Hollywood beach. Jorge Camejo, executive director of Hollywood’s redevelopment agency said, “The catalyst effect of Margaritaville was significant.”

The Margaritaville effect is in full effect and will be for the foreseeable future.

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